Bill Belichick is an NFL nerd. Enjoy his special factors of method and unique groups

Bill Belichick is commonly a man of few phrases. But while he speaks about the intricacies of special groups approach or the NFL’s rulebook, the buttoned-up Patriots head instruct can’t appear to prevent speak me.

Earlier this season, Belichick had about 3 words to mention about his group’s highly predicted showdown with this the Chiefs (a sport that certainly lived as much as its hype).

This is hardly the primary time. Last 12 months as his group organized for the postseason, Belichick took the possibility to speak approximately his favorite topic:

He’s no longer even effusive at the sideline all through games. He’s direct and to the factor. But there are only a handful of things that bring out his Professor Belichick persona, and he’s continually satisfied to explain them in the tremendous element.

It’s time to learn about the NFL from Bill Belichick. Here are his favorite subjects, in order of how many words he had to say about each one.


1,020 words: Bill Belichick will teach you each detail of Patriots unique groups records


If you haven’t figured this out yet, Bill Belichick absolutely loves special teams. And he went on and on and on about former Patriots kicker Gino Cappelletti kicking field goals back in the 1960s. Here’s a brief excerpt:

When I first came into the league in 1975, I think we pointed out this earlier than, I might say maximum teams had a kicker. Some teams had a punter, other groups had a man that performed a role and additionally punted. Then maximum every group had a position player who became the lengthy snapper, either an offensive lineman or a linebacker or tight end or somebody like that. There have been very, just pure lengthy snappers like each crew has now. There had been, as I said, some punters, in all likelihood there had been greater punters than there were position players punting, but there has been a detail of each. I would say the kickers had nearly all transitioned at that factor. I think one of the big matters with kicking, in contrast to punting, is timing. You have the snapper and the holder and the operation and while the kicker starts a touch bit early then that fouls up the timing. If the kicker starts of evolved a bit overdue then it doesn’t foul up the timing, it just puts you greater at hazard to have the kick blocked. So, one of the matters the kicker offers with is simply the timing and some of this is the anticipation. So the greater the kicker knows the snapper, the extra he can kind of expect that mannerism or length of time, anticipation of whilst the snap goes to occur after which begin into his approach to the ball and kick. Obviously, the higher that operation is and the greater enjoy the ones men have collectively, to consist of the holder, then theoretically the higher it will likely be, the smoother it will likely be.


That’s not even a 3rd of what Belichick had to mention approximately the evolution of special groups within the NFL. This is why it’s usually the smart play for journalists to lead with special groups questions while talking to Belichick.

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