Blake Bortles: Jacksonville Jaguars star BETTER than Eli Manning – Shock NFL claim

BLAKE BORTLES is a better quarterback than Eli Manning according to one NFL pundit.


Bortles has received criticism over the years for his lack of consistency.

Some fans have claimed that when he is having an off day, the Jacksonville Jaguars have no chance of winning.

On the flip side, when he’s at the top of his game they seem unstoppable.

NFL pundit Gregg Rosenthal has now jumped to the defense of Bortles.

Speaking on NFL network, Rosenthal made a bold claim about the quarterback.

“He is better now, he is no longer the cipher he used to be on that offense,” the pundit said.

“Maybe he’s not an above average quarterback, touch passes are certainly better in the middle.

“He’s better at throwing to the outside and not afraid to use that arm.

“Now he’s got great receivers who can go and get the ball for him.

“He’s not a huge negative, he’s better than Eli Manning that’s for sure!”

The Jaguars take on the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night.

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