Jenkins: Based on Jags tape, Kaepernick deserves job

The pork among Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins and Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid that spilled over into Sunday’s pregame recurring become primarily based on Reid feeling that Jenkins offered out the participant protest motion commenced by using Colin Kaepernick.

Part of the rivalry from Reid’s cease comes from a perceived lack of assistance for Kaepernick, who remains unemployed.

Speaking to journalists Wednesday, Jenkins defended his stance at the Players Coalition before taking a jab at an unsuspecting sufferer.

“While our most important focus is always at the communities and those systemic oppressions and how we are able to leverage relationships, our get entry to and sources to assist people in normal groups there may be still an obligation to talk out on behalf of Colin Kaepernick, who commenced this movement and who nevertheless would not have a job,” Jenkins stated. “And I wholeheartedly believe he’s being blackballed. To communicate out in aid of behalf of Eric Reid who placed his activity on the road to fight for individuals who didn’t have a voice.

“And that’s what we have attempted to do during this whole aspect. We’ve always maintained, I understand I’ve continually maintained, and every hazard I get to say Colin Kaepernick has commenced this. Eric Reid merits an activity. Colin Kaepernick deserves an activity. I can switch on the tape this week in our opponent and see that Colin Kaepernick deserves a job.”

The Eagles face the Jacksonville Jaguars this week. The Jags QB is Blake Bortles, who changed into benched for Cody Kessler all through last Sunday’s loss. While Bortles remains the starter, the confidence in Jacksonville stays tenuous.

It’s now not a new concept that Kaepernick > Bortles, particularly in the realm of social media. It’s new to pay attention an opponent take such a direct shot the week of a matchup.

While it won’t placate Reid’s worries, Jenkins used the Bortles instance to illustrate how he’s helped support the players’ purpose.

“But on the stop of the day when I started this returned in 2018, my non-public adventure to help my own groups it changed into in no way approximately the NFL or every person having a process in the NFL,” Jenkins said. “It becomes about human beings. Every day residents where I come from who all live right here in Philly and all across this county. At the stop of the day, my selections will all be approximately human beings.”

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