NFL Week seven game picks: Chiefs over Bengals; Saints high Ravens

NFLSUPERTV The bye weeks area unit absolutely upon the North American nation, with even a lot of groups off in the week than before …

… however, does not|that does not} mean the NFL schedule doesn’t carry some sneaky-good games, particularly on the intra-divisional front.

Start with Texans at Jaguars, a divisional face-off in a very division that’s anyone’s ballgame straight away. it is a tripartite tie within the AFC South, with all the leaders twisted up — fittingly — at 3-3. Whoever loses the Houston-Jacksonville match-up can have 2 divisional losses, whereas Tennessee is 2-0 within the South. The 49ers won’t be catching the Rams within the NFC West, however, do not forget however robust metropolis vie la at denim arena last year. (Who may forget that Th night track meet?) maybe the most important divisional bout takes place close to D.C. because the Cowboys visit the rival Redskins one week once Dallas’ eye-opening beatdown of the Jags. area unit these ‘Boys for real? That game is for an initial place (or a minimum of a share of initial place) within the NFC East.

They all count. Even in Oct. Now, you of us had some thoughts on this week’s Power Rankings …




The Chargers designed a passing offense for the ages beneath Sid Gillman within the recent American Federation of Labor days, even winning a championship with it in 1963. Don Coryell designed thereon, making an associate offensive system that also has tentacles in today’s game. The Titans set all that progress back eighty years against the Ravens last Sunday. you’ll blame Marcus Mariota’s elbow or offensive organizer Matt LaFleur’s “scheme.” I believe permitting 5 sacks within the initial seventeen plays might need to be a wee little bit of an element. These Bolts do not boast an equivalent pass rush as a city, therefore that is bright news for Tennessee fans. sadly, Philip Rivers can make the most of a tired Titans defense that may grow weary of observation its offense punt at Wembley.




Jacksonville Jaguars 21, Houston Texans 13

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